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Did you know? USB offers a little-known and often hard-to-find home loan with a name that conjures up feelings not typically associated with the loan process: warm and cozy!

It’s called a “blanket loan.” And like a cozy, warm blanket, it covers you by consolidating multiple home loans into one mortgage payment. That helps takes the stress out of moving and selling, and may potentially give you more cash to invest in your properties.

With the help of a USB loan officer, do some math to determine if a blanket loan is right for you. USB Senior Loan Officer Mike Harrison guides you through the process in the video below.

As you’ll hear, a blanket loan is something to consider if you’re buying an existing home, building a new home, or looking at an investment property.

Buyers should get prequalified for a blanket loan before diving into the process. At USB, we’re known for offering low costs and low rates to all of our loan customers.

Contact a USB loan officer today to learn more.