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VA Loans

VA loans offer the benefit of no down payment, eligibility for loans of up to $766,550, and potentially even higher loan amounts; sellers can cover up to 4% of closing costs, VA loans are assumable, and borrowers won’t have to worry about private mortgage insurance. Refinancing options include lowering monthly payments with rate and term refinancing or accessing cash for expenses, with potential savings on the VA funding fee for disabled veterans.

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Refinancing your VA Loan

For those of you looking for refinancing options, we offer rate-and-term refinancing of up to 100% of your home’s value and can lower your monthly mortgage payments with an interest-rate-reduction refinance loan (IRRRL). You can also cash out up to 100% and use your home equity to pay off debt, make updates, or tackle other expenses.

2024 VA Funding Fee Chart

Down Payment
First-Time VA Loan Use
Subsequent VA Loan Use
No Down Payment
5% or more
10% or more

Eligibility Information

All we need is your Certificate of Eligibility to determine which specific VA loan options you’re eligible for.

VA IRRRL Details

Also known as a VA streamline loan, an IRRRL requires less documentation and doesn’t require an appraisal on an interest-rate reduction. Before you’re eligible to streamline, you need to make seven payments on your existing VA loan. Once eligible, the VA funding fee is reduced to .5% regardless of service history or prior uses, or waived for veterans receiving disability benefits and surviving spouses.