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Blanket Loans

Blanket loans empower you to finance multiple properties with a single loan, providing the convenience of one closing and payment. There are a few types of blanket loans to choose from.

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Basic Blanket Loan

The basic blanket loan (not to be confused with a Bridge loan) allows you to use the equity in your current home for your down payment on your new home, removing any contingent offers, and having one easy payment between both homes. You also get the flexibility to move into your new home while selling your old home at your own leisure.

Blanket Loans for Investors

Are you an investor with multiple properties who is looking to acquire more? Our blanket loan allows you to combine property values and leverage your equity in a cash-out refinance or to acquire additional collateral.

Blanket Construction Loan

In this case, the blanket loan allows you to build your dream home while continuing to live in your current home, wrapping everything into one payment.

With interest-only options available and the ability to easily transfer equity between homes, blanket loans eliminate the need for contingent purchase contracts and potentially streamline your moving process.

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