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Best Down-Payment Assistance Programs

Sean Bunevich

With rent only continuing to increase, saving up for a home might feel like chasing a financial unicorn. But what if it didn’t have to? At Union Savings Bank, we help make the home-buying process achievable with our down-payment assistance programs plus financial planning and assistance.

Many people may not have the capability to save rapidly for a down payment and upfront cost—especially with astronomical rent prices. Down-payment assistance programs exist to make homeownership possible for those who qualify for a loan.

Curious about which program(s) you qualify for? Watch our latest video to get a preliminary understanding of each program, and contact a Union Savings Bank loan officer today to get started.

As the video explains, there are several different types of down-payment assistance programs, such as repayment, career-specific, and first-come-first-serve (or time-sensitive) programs.

Written by Sean Bunevich

Sean Bunevich is Vice President of Consumer Direct Lending at Union Savings Bank and Guardian Savings Bank. When he’s not working, Sean likes to spend time with his wife and three adorable children.

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